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Join us to help with the one of your choice:

  • POP Rescue Service
    Historic Preservationists evaluate historic homes, their conditions and restoration options. Meet with owners, builders, architects, realtors and others. Once owners are educated on the historic assets of the structure, and restoration options, they will hopefully save and restore.


  • Guide to Historic Preservation Regulations
    Per town on the Cape and Islands, view a summary of historic regulation options existing and not yet adopted. How to influence further application of protections will be addressed.


  • Restoration Resource Catalogue
    List of people with restoration specialties
    List of sources for restoration materials


  • Fundraising Events Committee
    As the Loudspeakers for Historic Preservation, Protect Our Past’s effectiveness is related to the ability to raise funds for the films, other media and the listed POP Projects.
    - Annual Film Premier Gala
    - Film/Speaker Events
    - Friends of POP
    - Special Events… looking for ideas.


  • Social Media/Public Relations
    The effectiveness of awareness is relative to the effectiveness of communication on social media and PR. With outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Website, Twitter, PSAs, print articles, media interviews.
    POP Projects “Roll Out Promotion” to be scheduled and implemented. 


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  • YouTube

Be a part of the Protect Our Past solution for Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard.

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