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Kansas City, MO

Her name is Three Gables, at 9550 N.E. Cookingham Drive, and she’s a rare example of a Gothic Revival house in this part of the country. An abstract indicates two of her rooms are 190 years old, so she might also be the oldest home in Kansas City.

Three Gables -SAVED-.jpg
Irvington, NY

The Armour-Stiner (Octagon) House is one of the most visually unique homes in the world. It is the only known, fully domed octagonal residence and the only house which replicates Donato Bramante’s 1502 Tempietto in Rome. The elegantly proportioned Tempietto was built in the form of a Tholos, an ancient classical temple, which complimented America’s third quarter of the 19th century fascination with classical forms.

Octagon Old photo.jpg
Chatham, MA

Also known as Harding’s Beach Lighthouse, the Stage Harbor Lighthouse is one of the most noticeable landmarks in this area. It is the youngest lighthouse in Cape Cod having been built in 1880. For centuries, it has provided navigational aid to all sailors, and it has become one of the scenes that everyone wants to visit when they come to this area

Stage Harbor -SAVED-.jpg
Chatham, MA

The historic home at 17 Seaview St., which overlooks Sear’s Park, is being restored rather than demolished.

Savannah, GA

Savannah, Ga – Chatham County – Today’s feature is the 1890s Snedeker House. It’s always fun to share the transformation of old homes, this one has come a long way in the last few years.  It was once threatened with demolition.  Several before and after photos to share of this beautiful home.

Savannah GA -SAVED-.jpg
Chatham, MA

An iconic windmill that's been a landmark along the town's eastern shoreline for nearly 90 years will be preserved, although in a new location.

The process is underway to move the windmill at 66 Briggs Way, constructed as a summer cottage in about 1930, onto neighboring property owned by the grand niece of Herbert Briggs, the man who built the windmill cottage and two other homes in the area.

Ozark Mountains, MO

With the need to live in the midst of the forests and streams, Richard Aiken purchased the shell of a historical cabin in Missouri’s Ozarks for only $100. But his vision quest and unique process of restoring the centuries-old property would see him turn what was once a barely standing wreck into something utterly extraordinary.

Missouri Cabin -SAVED-.png
Bellingham, WA

The Pickett House is a must-visit for anyone interested in General George E. Pickett, the American Civil War, or the Pig War. Besides its beautiful coastlines, scenic parks, great coffee, and abundance of sea life, the Pacific Northwest is also rich in Civil War history

Yarmouth, MA

This house was saved from demolition!

Redlands, CA

The two-story 1898 Marten Andersen House was owned by the Salvation Army, and they wanted to use the site for something else. Redlands Conservancy arranged for the Salvation Army to sell the building to the Historical Glass Museum Foundation for $1 if the Foundation would re-locate. Together, the groups nominated the Marten Andersen House to the local historic resources list – this makes it eligible for possible tax benefits and parking requirement waivers. Today, the Marten Andersen House is adaptively reused as an office building.

SAVED, Redlands, CA, MartenAndersenHouse
Loredo, TX

How Some Laredo Residents are Saving Historic Buildings from the Wrecking Ball.

SAVED, Loredo, TX.jpg
Seattle, WA

THEN: The corner Victorian at 21st Avenue and Columbia Street when it was nearly new ca. 1892. Courtesy Raymond & Zia Hachiya. This house was saved from demolition.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 5.31.14 PM.png
Sandwich, MA

A crumbling house on Harbor Street, a shelter to generations of families for more than a century, has itself been granted sanctuary. Instead of being dismantled, the tiny house will be brought back to life and restored, as closely as possible, to the way it looked in the 1800s.

Harbor St -LOST-.jpg
Osterville, MA

Owner revised plans to preserve the historic building and design a new addition.

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Wianno Ave -SAVED-.jpg
Marstons Mills, MA

An organization that creates working opportunities for persons with disabilities bought the property and uses it as a working farm.

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Olde Homestead -SAVED-.jpg
Falmouth, MA

The building was moved by barge to North Falmouth, then cut into sections and moved by truck to a new site where it was reassembled.

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Associates Rd -SAVED-.jpg
Dennis, MA

The Columns, a Greek Revival home built by Obed Baker in 1862 that later became a restaurant and a hot spot for jazz, will be returned to its former splendor. A family-owned development group called 1620 Capital LLC purchased the Route 28 property in October.

The Columns, Dennis, MA.jpg
Chatham, MA

This historic home was built in 1850 and was saved from demolition.

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57 Water Street.-SAVED-jpg.jpg
Boston, MA

Constructed in 1718, the Old Corner Bookstore is downtown Boston’s oldest commercial building and was home to the 19th-century publishing giant Ticknor and Fields, producer of many venerable American titles. Saved from demolition in 1960, the building’s leases help subsidize important historic preservation projects in Boston’s neighborhoods.

Old Corner Bookstore -SAVED-.jpg
Boston, MA

The small, single-bay firehouse was built for the town of Roxbury less than a decade before the town was annexed into Boston. The city continued to use the brick building as a firefighting facility up until the 1920s, when a new firehouse was built nearby. It then became the meetinghouse for the local chapter of Spanish American War veterans until abandoned in 1950, when it sat largely unused for the next few decades.

Firehouse Boston -SAVED_.jpg
Chatham, MA

This historic Captain's house on Old Harbor Road is currently in restoration process! 

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Renovated House -SAVED-.jpg

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