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Antique House Dressed in Antiques

Antique House Dressed in Antiques

Known as the Selem Baker House built 1835, is a Federal, Greek Revival House standing in what was part of the early Indian reservation near Bass River and the old saltworks in South Yarmouth is an exquisite example of an Antique. From the established wallpaper to the Sandwich Glass on doors and dresser, everywhere you turn a piece of the past. This repurposed mantle and realistically painted fireplace gave this bedroom a warmer feel that perhaps couldn’t be felt before. This mantle… giving life to a fireplace that completes this room, once the homes green house is now an extension of the kitchen. Pieces of the past have been salvaged, have been preserved, and placed with decorative care by the present owners. Also built by Selem Baker, and original to the property is this strong sturdy barn along with an outhouse. To this day it has two adult holes in the back, and on one side, two very low holes for his five children to use. It is now used to store gardening tools. In the 1850’s whaling was on the decline in Nantucket, to raise money, buildings like this barn were flaked and moved to the mainland. What was once for the storage of hay is now a large rear window originating from the State House in Augusta, Maine. The current owners stated, “it gives us wonderful light and views!” This Antique dressed in Antiques was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in May of 1990 as part of the South Yarmouth Bass River Historic District. On Behalf of POP, we thank you for protecting our past!