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What's a POP Reel?


A POP Reel is a short film ranging from 30 to 90 seconds. At Protect Our Past, we believe that every home has a story that is yearning to be told. From when the house was built, to how the house was moved, to the unknown histories that have yet to be told.


POP Reels are made in an effort to help create awareness that we are not just owners of these homes. As Richard Jacobson said in our latest film Love Letter to Cape Cod you are a caretaker, because our time here is limited and these homes have been here from 100-300 years.


POP Reel Categories


Did You Know?

Houses of Notable Citizens

House Styles

If this House could talk

Restoration Success Stories


If you have a home who's story wants to be told, or have a suggestion for a category

please reach out to

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