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Protect Our Past is working on a Pattern Book.  Stay tuned for updates and progress! Pattern books are guides to the classic and varied architectural styles of an era and/or community. Their goal has been to present and explain the designs and building methods of previous generations. Pattern books of the early 1800s were printed to educate builders with limited architectural knowledge – in the hopes of continuing the architectural styles of our country.


Protect Our Past’s project of “A Pattern Book for Cape Cod” aims to encourage respect for, and preservation of, the Cape’s homes of the past.


The publication will provide images of structures from the Half Cape House to Greek Revival to Neo-Classical designs. It will be a guideline to building features of each design/era. Original floor plans that tell much about the historic uses of a house will be exhibited. A sample of each design will also have a story or two of the people who have lived in these homes. Much of the Cape’s history is embedded in its structures. A rope handrail on a steep stairway can open the door to the story of a sea captain who adventured around world.

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