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It is with sincere appreciation that we at Protect Our Past thank you all for your generous donations.


Our mission is stronger because of you, and together we will stem the tide of the historical destruction of communities, beginning with Cape Cod and the Islands, then stretching across the nation.  


Your generous gifts provide the funding for POP Clips -- our short films -- that convey the importance of protecting our past. 

Watch our films here.


Most gratefully,

Ellen, the board of directors and the advisory board of POP


-Fiona Kate Roy Sullivan
-Andrew J Kennedy
-Donald & Elizabeth  Edge
-Roger Syliva
-Marguerite Adams


-Dennis Historical Commission 
-Rosemarie & Donald Merino
-Deborah Simmons
-Marilyn & William Storff
-James & Lesley Shepard
-William Moore



-Louis & Elizabeth Rosenthall
-Virginia & Kenelm Winslow
-Charles & Barbara Adams
-Carol & Thomas Odell
-Steven & Sandra Goldman
-Richard & Harriet Larsen
-Victor & Mary Roberts
-Danielle Jeanloz & Robert Zaremba
-Rebecca Fuller
-Cecilia & Eugene Clancy
-John Whelan
-Jared & Rebecca Fulcher
-A. Elizabeth & Henry Holden
-Jay & Barbara Baldwin
-Jo Ann Sprague


-Barbara & Bob Nickerson
-Koch Family Foundation Inc.
-Doug Gilpin
-Helen & Lawrence McKevitt
-Arthur Perkins & Kathleen Murray
-Anne Baker



-Peter & Constance Lacaillade
-Marian & Steve Carlson


 Payne Family Fund


Rebecca Arnold | Ronald Bergstrom | James Duncan Berry | Lois A. Blowers | Nils Bockmann | Ellen Briggs, Robert Stevens | Betsy Bray | Sherrie Burson | Hannah and Steve Carlson | Roselyn Coleman |
William and Maura Cook | Judith and Bernard Cornwell | John Curtin | David Doherty | Deborah Edson | Suzanne Feeney | Sue Foster | Fishback Foundation | Barbara Garside | Sandra Goldman | Stuart and Lisa Green Dennis and Betsy Grimes | Dr. Donald Grunwald | Betsy Hallet | Thomas Harboe | Stephen and Kristin Harnet Gregory Heyl | Madonna Hitchcock | Gregory Horne | William Horrocks | Brooks and Courtney Hundley |  Carol Hutchinson Kemper Family Foundation | Scott and Caroline Lane | Christopher Malloy | James McNair | Neal and Lynn Miller, Fidelity Charity Fund | Winifred Lear | Kim Longworth | Bruno and Sandra Maglione | Ann McCready | Paul McGrath | Helen and Larry McKevitt | Jane Moffet | Susan Mulgrew |
Virginia T. Nickerson| Suzanna Nickerson | ​Carol and Thomas Odell | Lynne and Bill Payne | Joe Pellegrino | Ron Petersen | Corliss Primavera | Marcia Rintoul | Steven Rogers | Elizabeth Rosenthal | Patricia Russell | Schoolmaster Press | Kevin Seth | Thomas J. Sharkey | Jensie and Bill Shipley | Alison Smith | Joshua Smith | Peter Smith | Francoise Surel | Phillipa Vaporciyan | Paula Vining | Inga Walker | Susan Sprague Walters | Louise Wasley | Nancy Whelan | Janet Whitemore | Susan Wilson | Peter and Inga Willsea | Sarah Wilsterman | Virginia Winslow | Andy and Mariann Youniss | Youniss Family Donor Advised Fund | Zevenbergen Capital | Z.G.I., LLC

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